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We all know that family comes first, so for that reason, my availability will be a bit more limited than in the past.  (Not saying I didn't put my family first before!! :) With that being said, please see below of my tentative schedule. The times can be a little flexible but please use this as a general guide. 

Weeknights (Outdoor) (Preferred)

~Tuesdays: 5:00 and/or 6:00 (flexible depending on time of year and sunset)

~Thursdays: 5:00 and/or 6:00 (flexible depending on time of year and sunset)

Weekends (Twice a Month-Indoor/Outdoor)

 ~Scheduled based on booking request and availability.  

Weekdays (Newborn/Birthday Sessions- Indoor/Outdoor)

~I have some flexibility on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday mornings.  Scheduled based on booking request and availability (and my ability to find child care).

Mini Sessions

~Will be announced closer to date of scheduled sessions.   These may include Fall Minis, Christmas Minis, Mommy/Daddy and Me Minis, Easter Minis, etc...

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